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A company that undertakes the path of total quality has two choices: change the system or change the culture. The intervention system implies that the requirements of standard ISO 9000, through systematic documentation and monitoring. The intervention of culture implies the definition of a "mission" and some "values" that encourage a new attitude towards work and towards the customers, in other words a culture of quality in the organization.

Among the guiding values are:
» Attention to the customer,
» The increase in responsibilities of employees and continuous improvement (introduction of teams and working groups to solve problems, with the constant improvement of products and services),
» Improvement of the production process with rigorous methods of statistical control (not selecting suppliers based on price, but by training in the field)
» Redefinition of the role of improving the supervision system in helping people and machines (giving supervisors the chance to tell the management problems to be eliminated).

Other important aspects:
Employees must feel free to ask questions and to discuss working methods, work in teams in the company, eliminating internal competition.

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