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FARIS Rubinetterie was established in Lumezzane (Brescia) in 1971, in the field of "production of sanitary products", typical situation of the local economy, based on systems of nearly always family-run small businesses.
The process of decentralization of businesses that took place in the Lumezzane area regarded company FARIS Rubinetterie as well: it decided to move the production to Villa Carcina (Brescia), basing its economy to efficient and modern systems, with the purpose of searching for new positive effects in order to enter new shares in the international economies but also in the domestic markets which always influence every company´s choice.

The style is always careful, direct and immediate. The company has always set goals and reached them, constantly trying its best to improve the expertise in production and reliability in production and in business partnerships, using the modern dynamics of globalization in the economies of the markets and combining capacities and ideas thank to research and new technologies.
Over the years the group, guided by the BUGATTI brothers, has transformed itself with care and professionalism and has improved its product range, up to high and appreciated quality guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

FARIS Rubinetterie has maintained its productive capacity, thanks to the jealously guarded tradition that has been handed on from father to son.
The company is now one of the leading national manufacturers of sanitary products for domestic use, both in terms of seriousness and capability.
But it is the people themselves who, through their passion and their ties to the origin land, become the creator who are able to immortalize the product through skill and creativity.

Faris Rubinetterie

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